Baia Sangiorgio Logo

The chroniclers tell us that the sailors with the relics of of St. Nicholas in 1087, before continuing on to Bari, they stopped and landed at the port of Sangiorgio. Therefore, on May 7 of every year, it’s in Baia Sangiorgio that we start the celebrations in the honor of the Saint.

Even if they are the same from many years the rituals are always fascinating: the painting of the Saint is housed in the small chapel of Baia Sangiorgio in the early morning, to be venerated by pilgrims who come here.

In the afternoon, after the procession with the picture of the Saint from the chapel of Baia Sangiorgio to the sea, and the Holy Mass celebrated by the Rector of the Basilica, the portrait is embarked on a fishing boat that sails direction Bari followed by lots of motor boats. Once arried at the dock of Sant’Antonio the “caravella” (procession) starts.