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There are perhaps few places dedicated to tourism who can afford to celebrate their 50 years. Baia Sangiorgio it’s one of them. It is also here that the tourism of the Apulia territory has developped , it is here that the bones of St. Nicola landed, it is here that many generations have grown up. A birthday so important could not go unnoticed!

On July 26, 2007, to celebrate the ten decades, we decided to be surrounded by old customers, faithful friends, excellent partners. We wanted with us Father Bartlett, Rector of the Basilica of San Nicola, prof. Giorgio Otranto, dr. Vito Maurogiovanni that, with the skillful work of journalist Daniel Rotondo TG2, told us about these 50 years. Years devoted to tourism and leisure time during which people have changed and we therefore changed too.

We chose the best musical and theatrical performers, for helping us to make an effervescent pleasant evening. At the end, after so many gifts, handshakes, hugs and declarations of esteem, we have an awareness.

That 50 years didn’t pass in vain.