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Living in a trullo it’s a unique experience!

Born as typical rural building where the farmer, that is the one cultivating the fields for the owner , was resting and keeping his farm implements, it populates the provinces of Bari and Brindisi.

Trulli are ancient buildings in calcareous rock with conical pyramid-shape roof adorned with a pinnacle that characterizes its original and unique aspect. The rooms are little and the buildings have natural heat regulation, thanks to the big walls that keep fresh in summer and hot in winter

Surrounded by a little eucalyptus grove in “Baia Sangiorgio” there is a group of 5 of these characteristic buildings of Apulia, recently reorganized in the respect of the ancient techniques of construction and that can host from 2 to 4 people.

Staying in our Trulli means enjoying the almost forgotten sounds of the nature as the birdsong while reading one of the books of our library always available in our reception.

If, however, you can not give up the technology, in our structure it’s available a high-speed Internet line and, on request, TV.