Baia Sangiorgio Logo

A cabin for the whole season or an umbrella just for today?

The Baia you can.

From May to September, from 9 to 19, in fact, the lido welcomes those who love the sun and the “noise” of the sea.
By day, Baia Sangiorgio is a beach for those who want to enjoy a day at the beach and for those who, even during the lunch break, want to carve out a slice of time for yourself. Several attention dedicated to you. Example is that it has created a beach where, between an umbrella and the other, there is an area of ​​respect, the right distance to be with others (and not among others). Details are, of course, but not marginal.

Those who wish may adopt a cabin to store your things and change of clothing. The lido is supported by the presence of qualified lifeguards and is equipped with ramps for access to the sea and other facilities for the disabled.

A mare with a book?

Sure. Indeed, a small library is available for you. And as newspapers, magazines and everything that can help to nourish the gray matter. But why a parent can feel comfortable is necessary that his children will enjoy.

For the little ones we have dedicated “Baialand” means an area dedicated to children, equipped with fridge and kitchenette to prepare the jelly of your children, where you can easily change with changing the youngest and a games room where you can socialize with others and have fun coloring and play. Anyone wishing to spend a good part of the summer close to home, can choose whether to adopt an occasional ticket, a weekly pass, a monthly pass or a season ticket. The card is strictly personal.

The cleanliness and hygiene of the place are obviously in our care, but we’d love it if you used the connection to help us. The call is therefore not to carry with you food or chairs. We would be grateful if you really like the offerings of our beach, the bar and restaurant.