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Our brand new hotel, just finished has 11 double rooms (or double), one superior with private terraces. The rooms are on the ground floor with private entrance and patio with pergola. One room is suitable for disabled people. The suite is located on the first floor and has a terrace.



By day, Sangiorgio Bay is a beach for those who want to enjoy a day at the beach and for those who, even during the lunch break, want to carve out a slice of time for yourself. Several attention dedicated to you. Example is that it has created a beach where, between an umbrella and the other, there is an area of respect, the right distance to be with others (and not among others). Details are, of course, but not marginal.



Our new residence, just completed has 8 rooms of which 1 is superior with private terrace, air conditioning, private bathroom with shower and kitchenette, suitable for up to 4 people. All rooms are located on the ground floor and have a private entrance and patio with pergola. One room is suitable for disabled people.



The trullo was born as a typical rustic building in which, irrespective of the various theories about the historical reasons that led to its spread in the provinces of Bari and Brindisi, the cozzalo (the one who cultivated the land of the owner) could have a bed to sleep and hold tools of the field. The trulli are ancient buildings of limestone, with small rooms with domed ceiling and roof with pinnacles closed cone in various shapes. The thick walls make the interior cool in summer and warm in winter.



After a few years of expectation and waiting for the resort, Camping Baia Sangiorgio decided to reopen the gates to those who, with campers or tents, they want to spend a few days in our beautiful city. Compared to the past the camp has changed a lot, the pitches have become 40, and suitable for tourists who want to spend a few days in a quiet place.



Baia Sangiorgio has a catering service that meets all the needs of the guests. The bar welcomes you in the amphitheater, located on the sea front prepares light meals and fresh suitable for those who want to stay light. For the more discerning, who prefer a full meal, there are two restaurants, one is located close to the sea, the other, which also has a pizzeria, proposes a more familiar environment.